3Play 4800 Certification Exam Study Guide

The 3Play 4800 Certified Operator Exam is an 75-question, multiple choice and multiple response exam. The time limit is 60 minutes and the minimum passing score is 70%. The exam is proctored at numerous testing centers around the US. The test items are drawn randomly from a large bank of questions which are divided into nine skills and knowledge areas. For some questions, a description of the initial conditions for the question, and often an image, appears above the question. Read each question carefully, then pick the best response from those given. None of these are trick questions, but the available responses are not meant to describe the complete behavior of the 3Play, only to test your knowledge of how the machine and a qualified operator work together to produce the best live production. To get the highest possible score, pick the best available answer.

The questions cover a wide range of skills and knowledge of 3Play 4800 operation in many types of live events. Operators preparing for the exam should study the operation of the 3Play 4800 with a Control Surface to achieve the highest possible score.

The nine skills and knowledge areas and the percent of questions from each are given in this table, and a more detailed description follows:

Knowledge/Skill Area
Percent of Questions
1) Physical set-up and general video knowledge
2) Software set-up and registration
3) Session set-up
4) Transferring media and publishing
5) Networking
6) Working in Live mode
7) Working with the CLIP LIST
8) Working with the PLAY LIST
9) Tagging, searching, and bookmarking

1) Physical set-up and general video knowledge (13%, 10 questions)
  • video cabling
  • signal flow-path
  • hard drive specification and limits
  • input and output connections
  • video resolution
  • latency
  • framerate
  • genlock
  • timecode
  • control surface connection
  • audio input and output
  • shipping the 3Play
  • external storage
2) Software set-up and registration(5%, 4 questions)
  • registration
  • updating
  • system back up and restore
  • software installation
  • interface preferences
  • monitor set-up
  • interface customization
  • configuration panels
3) Session set-up (13%, 10 questions)
  • make a new session
  • rename, restore, delete session
  • template sessions
  • video and audio input and output configuration
  • main and auxiliary output row settings
  • HDMI and VGA output configuration
  • record formats and settings
  • session directory structure
  • multiviewer settings
  • frame grab settings
  • manage session options
  • audio output configuration
  • sharing set-up
  • redundant mode
4) Transferring media and publishing (11%, 8 questions)
  • importing and exporting media
  • the file storage scheme
  • still and audio formats
  • transcoding media
  • recorded file location
  • adding files to the publish queue
  • setting destinations
  • social media account configuration
  • watermarking
  • edit decision list (EDL)
5) Networking (4%, 3 questions)
  • configuring networking
  • bitrate and framerate
  • IP addresses
  • sharing machine output via a network
6) Working in Live mode (12%, 9 questions)
  • channel and source delegates
  • two-button marking
  • one-button marking
  • no-button marking
  • jog wheel operation
  • navigating lists
  • trimming in and out points
  • input monitor and title bar indicators
  • channel linking
  • interface indicators
7) Working with the CLIP LIST (19%, 14 questions)
  • program to preview transitions
  • transition selection settings
  • managing clips
  • navigating tabs
  • playing back a clip
  • changing camera angles
  • T-bar operation
  • the event ID number
  • duration
  • adding clips to the PLAY LIST
  • playback speed
  • Autoplay
  • FastJog control
  • channel linking
  • looping
  • changing In and Out points
  • Out Point Padding
8) Working with the PLAY LIST (12%, 9 questions)
  • selecting a clip
  • rendering a PLAY LIST
  • playing a PLAY LIST
  • music track
  • dragging and dropping
  • playback speed
  • navigating and creating tabs
  • tab columns
  • the Clip ID number
  • trimming In and Out points
  • PLAY LIST audio
  • melt transition controls
9) Tagging, searching, and bookmarking (11%, 8 questions)
  • setting up the tags lists
  • applying tags
  • searching for and using tags to go to a clip
  • creating and finding bookmarks
  • memo fields
  • input hinting
  • showing/hiding the Tags area
  • Auto Advance
  • adding and renaming tabs