TriCaster Professional Line Curriculum


Video Notes

An outline of the instructional videos, important notes from the videos content, a selected list of keyboard shortcuts, and a list of acronyms used in the curriculum.
2.5 MB - PDF


An Activities Summary and the Detailed Activities to be performed by learners under the guidance of the instructor.
2.5 MB - PDF

Instructor Guide

The Instructor Notes, the Video Outline, the Activities Summary, and the Answers to the Activities Mastery Questions.
1.4 MB - PDF


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TriCaster Update for April 2014(3:11)

An overview of the new features of the TriCaster Professional Line which were announced in April 2014.

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2 Hardware Setup(13:08)

Connecting the system hardware—power, monitors, keyboard, mouse and external eSATA drives, video inputs, video outputs, audio inputs and audio outputs.

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3 Registration and Administration(16:43)

The Administrator mode, Registering the TriCaster, Updating the TriCaster system, Backing up and Restoring the system drive, and setting up the displays for the UI.

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4 Understanding Sessions(12:44)

The home page, setting up a new session, the sessions page, importing media and the session backup.

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5 The Live Desktop(44:42)

The Dashboard, multi-viewer configuration, monitor options, input and output configuration, proc amps, white balance, cropping, TriCaster menu options, workspace layouts, Program and Preview busses, production clocks, timecode, genlock, session back-up and restore, framegrabbing, and setting up ISOcorder recording.

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6 PTZ Cameras(3:56)

Set-up and operation of PTZ cameras.

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7 Media Players(15:27)

Loading content into media players, the media browser, loading content external to the session, and media drives.

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8 LiveText(16:19)

Interface overview, the text and drawing tools, the main edit window, CG pages, motion controls, bottom tabs, manipulating text and objects, setting text parameters, layers, scrolls and crawls, sending pages to Live.

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9 Network Inputs(12:08)

Using iVGA with network inputs to bring in external computer displays, using Apple Airplay with network inputs, using external LiveText with TriCaster 8000, and outputting other NewTek products, such as TriCaster and 3Play.

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10 LiveMatte(8:28)

Pulling a good key, setting up LiveMatte to pull a key, crop controls.

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11 Mix Effects Bus(29:53)

Using M/Es to set up a basic layered effect, M/E keyers, transitions and delegation, re-entry, adjusting inputs using scale, position, and crop controls, using virtual sets, zooming, presets, multiple camera angles in a virtual set, tracking, and multi-box effects.

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12 Automation(25:44)

Recording, organizing, importing, and exporting macros, system macros, setting keyboard shortcuts, playback speed, favorites list, hot spot set up, triggering macros with hot spots, disabling hotspots.

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13 Hot Spots(15:57)

Using hotspots to enhance automation control.

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14 Audio(9:29)

Configuring the audio mixer, line versus mic inputs, using mute, mono, talk, solo and follow features, equalizer and compressor/limiter funtion, configuring the stream audio, headphone audio uses, auxilliary audio out configuration, and main audio out controls.

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15 Streaming(13:58)

Configuring the streaming panel, working with internet bandwidth providers, browser based streaming, encoder based streaming—Flash, Windows Media pull and push, recording the live stream, and using the live stream plug-in.

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16 Media Publishing(4:54)

Setting up publish destinations, different upload methods, auto versus manual upload, the Publish queue, trimming clips for publish.

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17 Live Operation, part A(21:42)

Interface overview, switcher basics, transitions, video layers, downstream keyers, delegation, media player controls, frame buffers, using M/Es, recording, streaming, and grabbing images, fade to black, and control survace operation.

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18 Live Operation, part B(23:57)

Interface overview, switcher basics, transitions, video layers, downstream keyers, delegation, media player controls, frame buffers, using M/Es, recording, streaming, and grabbing images, fade to black, and control survace operation.