TriCaster 855/455 Curriculum


Video Notes

An outline of the instructional videos, important notes from the videos content, a selected list of keyboard shortcuts, and a list of acronyms used in the curriculum.
1.0 MB - PDF


An Activities Summary and the Detailed Activities to be performed by learners under the guidance of the instructor.
1.0 MB - PDF

Instructor Guide

The Instructor Notes, the Video Outline, the Activities Summary, and the Answers to the Activities Mastery Questions.
1.2 MB - PDF


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1 Physical Setup

Connecting the system hardware—power, monitors, keyboard, mouse, video inputs, video outputs, audio inputs, and audio outputs.

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2 Register, Restore, and Update

Activating Windows, registering the TriCaster, performing a system restore, and doing system updates.

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3 Working with Sessions

The Home screen, creating a session, the Session page, input and output configuration, proc amps, record settings, and session management.

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4 Media Management

Importing and exporting media, the Media Browser, and media drives.

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5 LiveText

Creating projects, creating titles, and editing titles.

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6 Playlists and Media Players

Adding and organizing media, medial player controls, presets, framebuffers, and LiveText title pages.

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7 LiveMatte and Virtual Inputs

Setting up LiveMatte, factors to improve keying, cropping, Virtual Input set up, LiveSets, and Virtual Input framebuffers.

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8 Audio Set-Up

Source types, balance, mono, mute, pan, trim, solo, talk, audio follow video, color grouping, outputs, Aux out, and audio sweetening.

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9 Network Inputs

Network set-up, iVGA set-up, iVGA for Windows and Mac, and setting up a Skype call.

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10 Streaming

Setting up streaming profiles, testing the stream, and content delivery networks

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11 Live Operation

Switching basics, transitions, layer stacking order, downstream keyers, fade to black, delegation, and the Control Surface.