Network-quality programs, anywhere production takes you.

TriCaster 460 and 410 are all-purpose, 4-camera video production systems scaled for smaller racks and mobile units. From live and on-demand programs that look infinitely bigger to engaging social and second-screen experiences, create multi-platform productions to open up more revenue opportunities and extend your brand.

Revolutionize your moderate-sized shows with:

  • 4-camera, 4-M/E 16-channel video switcher
  • Integrated audio mixer, media players, titles, graphics, and DVE effects
  • Versatile 2U rackmount frame
  • Either all-digital SDI I/O, or mix-and-match analog and digital SD/HD

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Look like a TV giant—without the stacks of gear.

Designed to deliver maximum impact with a minimal footprint, TriCaster 460 and 410 are ideal for producers who need to create high-end video smoother, faster, and easier.

Capture up to ~70 hours HD

ISO record four simultaneous channels

Connect 6 external video sources


Turnkey, 15-Channel Multi-Camera

Connectivity for 4 cameras. Video playback for full-length packages or short b-roll clips. Media bins for graphics and sound files. Network sources for sharing computer displays or any network source. And mix/effects to craft compositions and virtual sets from truly realistic to the most elaborate imaginable.

4-Channel Mixing and Recording

Be seriously forward-thinking about every asset you capture, with IsoCorder technology providing multi-track, multi-format recording of up to four simultaneous channels—for repurposing later or creating an entire new program.

2U rackmount chassis

Hardware and software fail-safe


Small Footprint

Mountains of gear are a thing of the past. Make the most of just 2U of rack space in a flightpack or tight space, and gain a freedom of movement that's just not possible with racks of individual components pieced together.


Take it easier. Record common moves with macros, and expand production possibilities while reducing on-air mistakes. Streamline sequences with a single click when they’re too complicated to execute live. Use MIDI control, on-camera hotspots, and PTZ cameras to make smaller productions look like larger shows.

Multi-Channel Publishing

Generate second-screen content for social networks during the live show, and extend your brand to online and second-screen platforms; or share assets to other locations for instant access by postproduction teams. The more audiences, the more your brand can grow.

Ready for IP— and Beyond

Take your productions to unprecedented levels with the optional TriCaster Advanced Edition software upgrade, adding more than 100 production-enabling features without spending a penny on more hardware. You’ll unleash an exponential workflow that knows no bounds with NDI®, our own IP video protocol—access any source, anywhere on your LAN over a standard ethernet connection.

TriCaster 460

Flexible I/O for production versatility.

  • Mix-and-match SDI and analog I/O
  • Analog and digital output connections up to 11 max
  • Removable drive bay & built-in Genlock

TriCaster 410

High performance, all-digital workflow.

  • SDI I/O
  • Digital output connections up to 7 max
  • Internal storage only


460 Product One-Sheet

Learn more about TriCaster 460 and the mobile creativity it holds for your productions.


410 Product One-Sheet

Find out where the streamlined TriCaster 410 can take your shows.


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