3Play 425 - Top Features

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Big Look for Local Sports

Hitting the six-channel "sweet spot" for sports producers with four cameras in, two fully independent channels out, and a lightweight price point - 3Play 425 gets you the professional, multi-camera replay coverage you've been aiming for, without going over the cap. Your Cinderella story is about to be written.

Built for Small Games and Locations

From mobile unit to press booth to a table on the sidelines, the compact 3Play 425 replay system tackles the away games as easily as it powers the home games. Slide easily into any 2U rack, flight case and existing production space so you can produce great replay from places you've never been able to before.

Show-stopping Slow Motion

Give fans more of what they want to see: network-style, dramatic plays in smooth, interpolated slow motion. Break down highlights or analyze pivotal moment frame by frame and with incredible detail.

In-game Highlights

Don't wait to show the shining moments. Build highlight or sponsor blocks at breakneck speed for instant replay on command during timeouts or going into a break. Package the best plays, critical mistakes, and monumental moments together, and then add transitions and background sound to keep your fans thrilled when the action pauses.

Multi-game Workflow

Take on additional games without a time out, with 40 hours of recording capacity, plus removable storage to load drive after drive when you don't get a time out between games. Session management lets you keep games and clips organized. And built-in applications allow for importing and exporting media to handle any in-game or post-game file requirements.

Standalone and Switcher-friendly

By itself, connected to your existing production setup, or teamed up with TriCaster over a local network, 3Play 425 plays well with others on the sports production team. Plug in 3Play to multiply the inputs of your switcher - and the excitement. Better yet, streamline your entire operation with the NewTek live sports combo and have a complete, integrated live production solution with both TriCaster and 3Play in a fraction of the space of multiple production components, with unmatched mobility.

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